Since 1975 Ozmetal Plastik, produce metal and plastic parts for many different sectors such as kitchen, medical equipment, textile besides machine, automotive and energy sectors.

Automotive Sector


Plastic and metal products for the automative sector.

Machine Sector


Plastic and metal products that we produce allign for the needs of the machinery sector.

Energy Sector


Plastic and metal products that produced for the needs of the thermal energy power plant.

Various Products

Various Products

Our product range goes beyond automotive, machinery, energy sector needs with long term experience of producing for a wide range of sectors.

Ozmetal Plastik

Ozmetal Plastic has fully integrated production capability.All processes from mold design to mold production,from plastic parts production at injection machines till metal parts production and assembly completes at our company. All processes are under control as required by our company's quality certificate.



The company policy is expand the bussinesss with the planned investments, to ensure the highest level for the employees and our customers satisfacion and to increase the brand value while becoming a company with international standards.

Customer Satisfaction

To understand our customers clearly and meet their needs at highest level.


Striving for the best performance, achieving goals, increasing profitability with an innovative approach.

Continuous Improvement

To closely monitor and improve all processes to ensure the continuity of development.

Respecting the Environment

We know the value of soil, water and nature. For a more livable world, we see it as our duty to minimize our environmental impacts with less natural resource consumption, less waste and more recycling awareness.