Ozmetal Plastik was established in 1975 specializing in metal formed part production for automotive on 60m² manufacturing area. In 1976 a wheeler plastic injection machine and in 1977 automatic plastic injection machines were added to the production equipment and since then the company is producing metal, plastic, and hybrid products. The company then continued its production in 150m² manufacturing area in Uluyol Bursa until it moved to its current facility in Besevler KSS, which has 100m² open, 450m² closed manufacturing area.

Ozmetal Plastik today is serving mainly automotive, machinery, energy industries with more than 40 years’ experience. The company also has products for domestic kitchens, medical equipment and textile.

The company’s infamous high variety product line includes domestic cutlery, industrial kitchen cutlery, jackknife handles, variety of spatula, kitchen utensils, variety of formed springs, textile machinery parts, variety of handles, hand grips, variety of electricity coil bobbins, conveyor bearing covers, shoe soles with metal parts, braces for bone fractures, variety of nozzles, automobile mattress straws, coupling rubber bands, variety of gaskets, variety of automotive parts, variety of bushing, variety of bungs/plugs, plastic bolts and nuts, cop heads and variety of thread rolling products.

Our facility has fully integrated production ability. All production processes, namely mold design, mold production, plastic part production with injection, metal part production and assembly of parts, are all being performed in our production facility. All processes are performed and controlled upon our certificate of quality requirements.


Meeting our customers’ demands with our variety of products in the light of technological advances, and assisting customers defining their needs.


In a short period we are aiming to grow with investments and keeping the customer and employee satisfaction at the maximum level. In a long period our vision is to become a production facility with international standards and leveraging our brand value.

Our Values

As Ozmetal Plastik managers and employees,

Customer Oriented Production

We care about our customers and remain loyal and committed to them. For this reason, we aim to maximize customer satisfaction while trying to fully meet customer demands and expectations.

Being a Law Abiding Company

We comply with the law in all our activities and care about acting with honesty and moral values.

Essentiality of Work Safety

We are aware of the role of a healthy and safe working environment in peace and success. We work together to avoid this loss in our working environment.

Respecting the Environment

We know the value of soil, water and nature. For a more livable world, we see it as our duty to minimize our environmental impacts with less natural resource consumption, less waste and more recycling awareness.

Data Based Development

We closely monitor and improve all our processes to ensure continuity of development. To encourage the maintenance and development of a culture of continuous improvement, we set new goals, strive for the best performance, and consider the experience we have gained in every sense with an innovative approach as profit.

Targeting Inspring Leadership

We are loyal and committed to our job. We decisively advance towards our goals with a brave and continuous energy, identify and encourage talents, and support development by creating opportunities for each of us to learn with team spirit.