Quality Policy

Ozmetal plastik is known for its variety of high quality products. Our production process is developed primarily upon customer demands, focusing on the product specs and on time delivery, and fine tuned upon national and international quality regulations.

Besides, our internal quality assurance procedures are designed to evaluate each product with a customer perspective, assuring the customer that if a production request is accepted, it means that whole procedure is evaluated by the team and the product is going to be produced just as the customer requested with high quality raw materials and will be delivered just in time.

Continuous development and education is a part of the company culture. Therefore global technological advances and innovative production approaches are followed by our team, employees are trained upon the development, and applied to our production processes.

We embrace the motto “humans first” and prioritize a peaceful working environment to assure employee and customer satisfaction. To sustain our peaceful and productive environment, we use our resources in an economical and efficient way.

15.10.2019 Rev.02